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JD single shaft cement mixer

JD single shaft cement mixer

  • Capacity:350l,500l
  • Application:used for mixing or transporting concrete
  • Power:electric,fuel,diesel-powerder
  • Structure:single shaft
  • Certificate:CE,ISO
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Products Details

JD series Single-shaft Concrete Mixers are combined mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components in one set of single-shaft concrete mixer, portable concrete mixer. The mixing system is driven by motor, transmitted by gear, work steady. Material feeding device adopts lifting motor, reliable and safe. When discharging, the gear (Hydraulic cylinder) will drive the mixing drum overturn, make the concrete discharging speed and clean, easily operate.
This series of concrete mixers are applicable to the small or medium construction project, used for the variety of concrete production, mortar and grout. They can also be used in some simple project, such as building, country bridge, and small ready-mix concrete plant.

Technical features of JD cement mixer
DASION JD series Single-shaft concrete mixers includes JDC series and JDY series;
1. JDC series concrete mixers adopt gear-box driven for concrete discharging;
2. JDY series cement mixers adopt hydraulic system for concrete discharging;
3. Based on customers’ requirement, they can be made into portable concrete mixers, easy to operate, easy to move;
4. Material feeding adopts lifting motor, reliable and safe. When discharging, the gear-box/hydraulic-cylinder will drive the mixing drum overturn, make the concrete discharging clean and speed, easily operate.

Working principle of JD cement mixer
1. Concrete mixer is one kind of construction machine which can mix cement, aggregate, water into concrete mixture material.
2. Concrete mixer is made of mixing drum, loading material device, unloading material device, water supply system, power supply device, transmission device, mechanical frame and supporting device.
3. Concrete mixer makes the various of material mixing equally in macroscopically and microcosmicly, break the reunion phenomenon of cement powder, promote dispersion of behavior.
4. Concrete mixer breaks the film parcel layer of the initial water compound on surface of cement powder.
5. Concrete mixer promotes the crash and friction among the different material, reduce the impact of dust film.
6. Concrete mixer increases the sporting times of various material units, and the crossover frequency of movement locus, speed up the homogeneity.


JDC single shaft cement mixer main technical data

Item parameter model JDC350 JDC500
Discharging capacity (L) 350 500
feeding capacity (L) 560 800
Maximum aggregate sizes(pebble/gravel)(mm) 80/60 80/60
Mixing time(s) 30 30
Working circle time(h) 50 70
Production rate(m3/h) 17.5 25-30
Mixing blades rotating-speed(r/min) 27.6 27.6
Speed of hopper lifting(m/min) 19 19
Motor Mixing motor Y160L-4B5 Y160L-4B5
Power (kW) 15 18.5
Hoist motor YEJ112M-4 YEJ112M-4
Power (kW) 4.5 5.5
Pump motor 50DW18-8A 50DW18-8A
Power(kW) 0.75 0.75
Discharge capacity(m3/h) 18 18
Discharge motor Y100L2-4 YEJ112M-4
Power(kW) 3 3
Water supply mode Time relay Time relay
Total weight(kg) 3700 4000
Dimension(mm) 2400*2650*3200 2800*2800*3300

JDY cement mixer technical data

Model JDY350(hydraulic) JDY500(hydraulic)
Discharging volume (L) 350 500
Charging volume(L) 560 800
Capacity(m3/h) 18-21 25-30
Max.aggregate size(mm) 60/40 80/60
Mixing blades rotating-speed(r/min) 28 24
Motors power(kW) 19.55 24.75
Mixing time(s) 30 30
Dimension (mm) 2600*2600*3100 2820*2900*3260
Dragging speed(km/h) 20 18
Total weight(kg) 3700 4000


Packaging Details:

Items are usually wrapped with foam plastics, and then packed in wooden case.

Delivery Detail:

5-6 weeks after receiving the 30% prepayment from the customer.

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